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Boardwalks & Bridges

Here are just a few examples of boardwalks and bridges erected by Lumport Installations Ltd. They range from pedestrian access bridges to a 128 metre long boardwalk sweeping through wetlands. The majority of boardwalks and bridges that we install are made from many different species of hardwoods, all specifically designed to withstand the test of time. They all offer their own bespoke design ranging from different handrail systems to unique decking systems. There are also multiple combinations of height and direction available, all to suit the surrounding environment and specific customer requirements. Lumport Installations Ltd have used many different species of timber over the years, but find eki and oak to be the most preferable, due to the minimal maintenance required in adverse conditions and the aesthetically pleasing nature of these materials. Typical areas and surroundings for our boardwalks and bridges are wetlands and marine environments, forestries, and national parks.